Buyer’s Guide

It’s a Great Time to Buy Real Estate!

With the changing market conditions there has been a dramatic increase in the number of properties now for sale. I will help you find the right house and negotiate on your behalf. I assist with the loan process, arranging inspections, and the complexities of contracts and paperwork.

Take the stress out of buying, let me help you save time and money

  • Selection
    Regardless of price range, there are plenty of properties from which to choose. There’s a great selection of single family homes, townhomes, and condominiums.
    You have many options.
  • No Bidding Wars
    In the last few years buyers bid properties up substantially from the original listing prices. There were even escalation clauses where buyers authorized their agents to outbid other offers by thousand of dollars. This is not common in today’s market.
  • Offers are made, and accepted
    A few years ago when offers were made they were often above the listing prices. Today the selling prive vs. listing price ration is about 96%. Sellers will not be insulted if you make them a good offer.
  • Patience is tolerated
    In the hot seller’s market, everything was rushed. Houses had to be found quickly, and offers were hurried. Today, buyers can take their time. They may look at several houses and think about their decision.
  • Due diligence is welcomed
    In this market, a buyer is encouraged to obtain a home inspection. Previously buyers waived this condition in order to gain an advantage.
  • Fewer Investors
    In a seller’s market it is estimated that up to one third of buyer’s were investors.
  • Location
    Today’s buyers can find homes closer to work. In this market reasonably priced homes are found within biking and walking distance to schools and public transportation.